Bauman in the wilderness: sociology in the dry state of

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Ysl replica Engagement with Bauman literary sociology must be on its own terms; by the same token, its critique is invited when it seems to claim an objectivity beyond metaphor.Bauman in the wilderness: sociology in the dry state of modernityKieran Flanagan, University of Bristol, UKView full paper online in the Community pages or Download as a PDF fileThis paper responds to the metaphor of the desert (wilderness) which Bauman uses to assess the quality of life in postmodernity. In a prophetic way, in chapter 3 of Life in Fragments, Bauman anticipates the emergence of post secularity, the questing for meaning based on a curiosity as to what lies beyond the mere social. The wilderness or desert is a site of danger, not only in terms of the absence of compass points, but also over fears generated in response to those sojourners who return from their time out.Interest in this aspect of Bauman work derives from a concern with ruins that forms a chapter in a forthcoming study: Utterances in the Wilderness: Sociology at Prayer. Ysl replica

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