WEF-2017 Plenary Session 12th May 2017 (Day-5) Peacock at (1:00 PM-2:00 PM) & (2:15 PM-3:15 PM )

Topic :- Driving the future through Personal Leadership & Example -II

Topic :- Driving the future through Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution

Speakers :-Brenda Cuby, Khalid AlQoud, Sudhir Mishra, Chiamaka Okeke, Zine Nkukwana, Yogesh Kochhar, Muriel De Saint Sauveur, Meenakshi Batra, Magda Kay, Rama Pandey, Rina Barbut

Speakers :-Elizabeth Denley, Despina Namwembe, Dr. Lilian Nkechi Omekara, Iman Kamel, Ndeye Absa Gningue, Aparna Dhingra, Subodh Narain Agrawal , Diana Skelton , Arun Joshi, Dr. Mazahir Othman, Jovana Maric

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